2020 Spring

Office + Public Transportation Hub

Designed with Logan Guidera, Maureen Sotak, Mary Quinn

Companies across the nation have already begun asking whether large corporate offices are essential; the satellite campuses proposed in this design address this very concern. In this current state, we have seen what is possible via remote working; nonetheless, human connection remains vital to work-life, which is why we created these open working spaces. The future of work-life is no longer a distant sci-fi idea, rather it amongst us now demanding new thinking and approaches to our built environments and urban fabric.

Form Study
looking up

We wanted to create a design that proposed a unique symbol of innovation and advancement and revived an integral part of Manhattan. The proposed intervention we designed first abstracted the ideas gathered from the research of resilient organisms and reinterpreting them in light of our site analysis. Each organism contributed a concept that was definitive of its performative capabilities: filtered thresholds (brine shrimp), responsive movements (arctic fox), triggered responses (pufferfish), and soft structures (stingray). 

form study.jpg