2019 Spring

Child Care Facility 

Extravagant Escape is a high-end child care that allows the children to experience high sensory experience (see, hear, taste, smell, touch), while experiencing high technology (transparent LED displays). The building is also secured with high technology that requires fingerprint scans.

Extravagant Escape
planter detail 2-01.jpg

The planters along the entrance ramp are custom designed, and the front section of this planter holds soil, while the other half holds water for the water wall. 

Section Axon

The indoor garden takes place in the front part of the building, and it also acts as a “threshold” from the outside world. It is full of plants, flowers, and herbs, which allows the children to feel the high sensory experience. 
Each classroom can access the indoor garden. Millwork for the under cabinet holds coats and toys for the classroom.

section perspective.png